Apply to become a Civic Trustee

The Citizens Campaign is inviting those who are passionate about Perth Amboy to make a pledge to improve our beloved city and to commit to becoming a Perth Amboy Civic Trustee.

What is a Civic Trustee?

A Perth Amboy Civic Trustee will play an active role in building the City’s civic leadership and implementing evidence based solutions.

How will this work?

You make a one-year commitment to serve your city as a volunteer Civic Trustee. The Citizens Campaign will make a commitment to you to continue providing all the support and resources necessary to build a vibrant and sustainable Civic Trust.

Sound like a good plan? We think so!

Get started by reading the entire  Overview then APPLY TODAY to become a Civic Trustee.

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Perth Amboy Citizens Release Survey Results

By Isa Shaida

The “Empowering Perth Amboy Parents & Students” conference hosted by The Citizens Campaign earlier this year surfaced important issues in the City’s Student School Code of Conduct. Fast forward nearly six months later, much progress has been achieved through the support of the community.

The Citizens Campaign’s Perth Amboy Education Task Force initiated a survey to receive feedback from the community using a five question multiple choice survey on school disciple practices. The survey used “restorative justice” and “positive behavioral intervention” models used in the Baltimore School Code of Conduct, which may be addressed at the annual CSC Committee Review.

The five top behavioral issues include:

  • Tardiness
  • Violating School Uniform Policy
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Violet/ Aggressive Behavior

The goal of creating a community code of excellence is to set a community standard for dealing with the most common in-school misbehavior’s such as bringing a cell phone on school property, not wearing the school uniform, or getting into an altercation with another student. Currently, The Perth Amboy School District is reviewing its Code of Student Conduct.

Various agencies including, Raritan Bay Area YMCA, the Puerto Rican Association for Human Development, and the Jewish Renaissance Medical Center participated in the distribution of the surveys. Vanessa Mendez-Gamez, an Outreach Ambassador and Director of Strategic Initiatives at Tropical Cheese Industries, spread the word by placing paper surveys in the lunchroom to an estimated 300 employees, most of which are Perth Amboy residents. “Being that Tropical Cheese Industries is one of the largest employers of the city of Perth Amboy, we are delighted that we have been able to assist in such an important movement and we look forward to assisting the Citizens Campaign in future initiatives.”

More then 450 paper surveys were submitted, compared to the 38 online responses, most of which were Perth Amboy parents/guardians and community members. An interesting 16% of respondents submitted feedback were non-residents of Perth Amboy. The majority of the respondents aligned with the Baltimore “Positive” School Code of Conduct Model. 81% surveyors agreed that positive behavioral intervention such as in-class time out to speak on issues that may be bothering a student is a better approach for disruptive / disrespectful behavior rather then in school suspension.

A public presentation will be made by the Perth Amboy Education Task Force at the upcoming Board of Education Meeting on November 20. A resolution was prepared by The Citizens Campaign’s Legal Task Force using citizens’ feedback to provide a plan for obtaining community input, establish of a Code of Student Conduct Review Committee; and create a process for training school personnel on the code annually.

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Celebrating Perth Amboy’s Rich History


Did you know the Bill of Rights was first signed in Perth Amboy, New Jersey?

That’s right, Perth Amboy City Hall is the birth place of the Bill of Rights!

To celebrate this fact and the extensive history of our beloved City by the Bay – the City is hosting a number of events on Veteran’s Day.

Come celebrate!

Veteran’s Day Ceremony • 11 a.m. • Sadowski Parkway
Bill of Rights Reenactment • 12 noon • Commemorative Arch
Bill of Rights on Display • 12-4:30 p.m.• City Hall, 260 High St. Perth Amboy, NJ

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NJ Spotlight Election Map


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IMG_6397Perth Amboy resident Greg Bender wrote a blog post for the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to share all our accomplishments.

Check it out here:



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Help for Willow Pond?

Submitted a Perth Amboy resident.

Ask any resident of Perth Amboy for directions to Willow Pond, and the likely response will be a blank stare. Tucked away behind a strip of fast food outlets, convenience stores, and ball fields, Willow Pond remains a well-kept secret—a quiet urban oasis, known only to a lucky few.

perth amboy pond 1

perth amboy pond 2perth amboy pond 3




Still, the pond could get a bit more attention soon, because its long-term survival might be at stake. Saved by activists from development in the 1980s, then cleaned of debris and used as an outdoor ecology classroom by Perth Amboy students, the pond was once a healthy freshwater wetland—a stopover for migrating birds and home to several species of freshwater fish. But after several years without proper maintenance, the pond’s waters are lifeless and its shoreline is now choked with vegetation (see above photos).

perth amboy pond 4One big culprit at Willow Pond is a tall reed named phragmites. The plant is a hardy grass that often grows nine feet tall or more. It has aggressively taken over the shores of Willow Pond, forming a dense mat of vegetation that crowds out most other plants and obscures the view of the pond. As the reeds die in ponds such as this, the huge mass of decaying plant matter in the pond feeds the growth of bacteria, which use up the pond’s supply of dissolved oxygen. Eventually, the oxygen-poor environment can no longer support fish—or even the bacteria that created it. Left on its own, the pond will continue to infill with growing phragmites, sediment, and dead plant matter.

perth amboy pond 5Several members of Perth Amboy’s “Green Team” visited Willow Pond recently to observe the pond’s condition. Some members of the Perth Amboy community are already having  conversation with various stakeholders that will hopefully lead to action to rehabilitate the pond, Perth Amboy’s only freshwater ecosystem.  Returning the pond to a healthy state would also make it available again as an outdoor classroom.

The first step is to raise money to begin work on the pond. It will take an estimated $5,000 to have the phragmites cleared from much of the pond’s shoreline, and to have the pond’s aerators fixed so that higher levels of oxygen can return to the pond’s waters, making Willow Pond a suitable habitat for fish onc  e more.  With time—and a lot of hard work—this hidden gem in Perth Amboy could thrive again.


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Creating a Community Code of Excellence – Deadline Postponed


UPDATE: Survey responses due Friday, September 5

Residents, teachers, business owners and others who live or work in Perth Amboy are encouraged to complete the Community Code of Excellence Survey to provide feedback on how the district should handle certain student misbehaviors in school. The goal is to set a community standard for dealing with the most common in-school misbehaviors such as bringing a cell phone on school property, not wearing the school uniform, or getting into an altercation with another student. The School District is currently reviewing its Code of Student Conduct. Survey responses will be collected until August 29 September 5, the survey results will then be forwarded to school district.

Take the Survey Now!


Surveys are available at designated locations throughout the city, including the Raritan Bay Area YMCA, JR Medical Center, Alexander F. Janowski Community Center, Catholic Charities, the City’s Recreation Department on Olive Street, Perth Amboy Public Library/Brighton Ave Community Center and the Puerto Rican Assoc for Human Development of 100 First Street. 

Catholic Charities

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